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Our new space

Please come see our finished pieces at Home Sweet Home on the Range located at: 110 W Harrison Guthrie, OK

Walnut Dining Table

We have a big table that we're waiting on pigment to arrive to pour. It's a big one, but it will be gorgeous! Stay tuned for updates!

Upcoming project

Another beautiful piece of wood we're going to make a coffee table out of. Stay tuned for updates!

Upcoming piece -

I'm excited about this piece of wood. Lots of character. Stay tuned for updates!

Wine Festival 2021

Thank you to all of those who came out to the Guthrie Wine Festival today. The foot traffic was amazing and we spoke with a lot of people.

Upcoming Charcuterie boards

Here are a few upcoming Charcuterie boards that will completed and ready to purchase for the Wine Festival.

Wine Festival 10/9/21 - Guthrie, OK

We will be attending our first festival with our epoxy tables this coming weekend. This is something we have never done but are very...

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